Troubleshooting / Problems and Solutions

Error Indicator

If an error occurs, the scanner stops operating and the indicator light flashes. Try one or more of the following solutions:

If the problem still exists, the error indicates one of the following problems:

Error Light

Ready Light

Error Type



Command error



Fatal error

When the indicator light is flashing normally (Error light OFF and Ready light ON) but the scanner does not scan, this may indicate an option error. See Option error for details.

See a corresponding section below to clear each error.

Command error

The scanner has received incorrect commands from your scanning software.

When this error occurs, try to rescan the document. The scanner returns to normal when it receives correct commands. Normally you do not need to reset the scanner when this type of error occurs.

Fatal error

This type of error indicates one of the following problems:

Check that the transportation lock is released. Also, check the installed options, if any, for problems. Next, turn the scanner off and then back on again. If this does not correct the problem, consult your dealer.

Option error

This indicates a problem with an installed option, such as a paper jam, an empty document feeder, or an open cover.

Check the option and then correct the cause of the problem.