Configuring the Network Card Slot

This section describes how to use the control panel to change the way that computers on the network can access the printer’s memory card slots.
This feature is not available for all printers or may not be enabled.
Verify that the printer is turned on.
Do not turn off the power or unplug the printer while making settings on the control panel. Doing so may cause malfunction.
Setting the network while accessing the memory card may interrupt access.
Enter the Setup mode.
Select File Sharing Setup (File Sharing for 1.5 inch LCDs).
Select USB or Network (Write access from USB or Write access from network for 1.5 inch LCDs).
When Network (Write access from network for 1.5 inch LCDs) is selected as the file sharing setting, USB-connected computers cannot write to the memory card. When USB (Write access from USB for 1.5 inch LCDs) is selected, computers on the network cannot write to the memory card.
When a memory card is inserted in the printer, a warning message may be displayed. If a message appears, check the message and then click OK.

Configuring the Network Card Slot (for Windows)

Map the printer’s memory card slot as network drive.
Windows 7/Vista: Click Start button, All Programs, Accessories, and then Run.
Window XP: Click Start then Run.
Enter the printer’s host name in Open, then click OK.
Input format: \\(the printer’s host name)\
In the displayed window, right-click the MEMORYCARD icon and click Map Network Drive.
MEMORYCARD is the factory default share name.
Select a drive letter from the Drive list.
To use the network storage each time you start the computer, select the Reconnect at logon checkbox.
Click Finish.
The mapped network drive appears in Computer (or My Computer).

Connecting the network card slot (for Macintosh)

For Mac OS X 10.4
Open Finder.
Click Network under the Sidebar.
Select your printer name, and then click Connect.
Click OK on the certification screen.
The MEMORYCARD icon is displayed on the desktop.
For Mac OS X 10.5/10.6
Open Finder.
Click your printer name under SHARED on the Sidebar.
Double-click the MEMORYCARD icon.
The MEMORYCARD icon is displayed on the desktop.
You can also connect the network card slot using the following procedure.
Select Go and then Connect to Server from the Finder menu.
Enter the following in Server Address.
cifs://xxxxxxx/MEMORYCARD (where xxxxxxx is the printer name on the network)
Click Connect.
If a user name and password are required, enter the user name and password set for the computer.
Mac OS X 10.4: A network drive icon for the connected memory card appears on the desktop.
Mac OS X 10.5: The printer name appears and the MEMORYCARD folder is displayed under SHARED on the Sidebar.
For Mac OS X 10.5, the location where MEMORYCARD is displayed varies according to the Finder settings. MEMORYCARD appears at the location set for Connected servers from Finder - Preferences.