Setting Up Using WSD (for Windows 7/Vista)

The printer supports Windows Vista Web Services on Devices (WSD). This section explains how to set up the network-connected printer using WSD.
To set up the printer/scanner with WSD, the computer and printer must be connected to the network.
You must install the driver before setting up the printer/scanner with WSD.
Verify that the printer is turned on.
For Windows 7: Click Start, Computer, and then Network.
For Windows Vista: Click Start and then Network.
Right-click the printer icon, then click Install.
Click Continue in the User Account Control dialog box.
The icon shows the network printer name (e.g., EPSONXXXXXX (your printer name)). The printer name can be confirmed on the printer’s control panel or a network status sheet. For details on confirming on the control panel or printing a network status sheet, see Confirming and printing the network status.
If Uninstall appears instead of Install, click Uninstall once and retry.
Click Your devices are ready to use (Your device is ready to use).
Check the screen and click Close.
For Windows 7: Click Start and then Devices and Printers.
For Windows Vista: Click the Start button, and then Network.
Verify that an icon with the network printer name (e.g., EPSONXXXXXX (your printer name)) is added.
To print using WSD, select the printer by its network printer name.
To use the scanner function with WSD, use Windows Fax and Scan or Paint in Windows Vista.
The scanner name selected with Windows Fax and Scan or Paint in Windows 7/Vista is the same as the network printer name.
When using commercially available software, see the User’s Guide that came with the software for the scanning procedure.